Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sundanese Language (Bahasa Sunda)

Sundanese language is spoken by about 27 million people and is a language with speakers of Indonesia's second largest after the Java language. In accordance with its cultural history, the Sundanese language is spoken in the province of Banten province, especially in the southern region, large parts of West Java (except the north coast region which is a destination area, where urbanization is on the wane language speakers), and extends until Pemali River (Kali Pemali) (Cipamali) in Brebes area, Central Java.

Variations in Sundanese

Dialects (alkaline wewengkon) Sundanese diverse, ranging from the Sunda-Banten dialect, until mid-Javanese Sundanese dialect which began mixed Java language. Language experts usually distinguish six different dialects. These dialects are:

* Western Dialect
* North Dialect
* Southern Dialect
* East Central Dialect
* North East Dialect
* South-East Dialect

Western dialect spoken in southern Bantam . Northern dialect includes areas north including the city of Bogor Sunda and some northern parts. Then the Southern dialect is a dialect Priangan which includes the city of Bandung and its surroundings. Meanwhile, Middle Eastern dialect is a dialect in the vicinity Majalengka. Northeastern dialect is a dialect in the vicinity of Drogheda, this dialect is also spoken in some parts of Brebes, Central Java. And finally South East dialect is a dialect of Ciamis.

Kuna is a form of Sundanese Sundanese found in some written records, both in stone (stele) or dried leaves (palm). It is unknown whether this language is its own dialect or a form that became the forerunner of modern Sundanese language. Sundanese-language literature at least complicate the study of linguistic variants of this language.

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